Language School 360 provides a bespoke and purpose-built Admin & Booking System that is packed with functionality for boutique language and summer schools.. The system, which is personalised, adapted and optimised to each school, is far-reaching and designed to be a one-stop shop, offering a 360° approach to managing a year-round language or seasonal single or multi-centre summer school

The main objectives of the Language School 360 software solution are:

Market Differentiators

In our opinion, this is what differentiates us from our competitors and makes us the most attractive offer in the marketplace:

Our Company / Our System

Other Companies / Other Systems


Business Benefits

Student Welfare Benefits

Commercial Benefits

Operational Benefits

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Customer Service Benefits


The software uses ASP (Active Server Pages) for the front-end scripting language and MSSQL for the back-end database. It operates on a Windows Operating System and the data is stored on a secure  server. The software is accessed via a website with a URL domain name of your choice.


At Language School 360, we prefer to be honest about any current limitations within our software so that you make an informed decision about whether our solution is right for you.


The security of sensitive personal information is clearly of utmost importance and we take every reasonable measure possible to safeguard and protect your data including: