Company Background

Language School 360 is a young and dynamic company offering a bespoke Admin & Booking System packed with functionality for boutique language and summer schools.

Founding Directors Steve and Shival have been developing bespoke Management Information Systems for summer schools for over 15 years and using the knowledge, expertise and experience acquired over the last two decades, they have developed the Language School 360 solution.

The scope of our product, which is personalised, adapted and optimised to each school, is far-reaching and is designed to be a one-stop shop, offering a 360° approach to managing a year-round boutique language school or seasonal single or multi-centre summer school.

“Train [staff] so they can leave, but treat them so they want to stay” [Richard Branson] is often the approach used by modern, dynamic and ambitious companies when managing their staff. Language School 360 believes in the same approach when dealing with its customers.

Language School 360 is a small company offering customer care on a level that you might never have experienced within the IT Solutions industry before. Our contractual arrangements are such that our customers can leave us at any time; but considering the scope and quality of our product and the extremely high service levels we offer, they choose to look no further.


Exsportise Summer Schools

Exsportise Summer Schools is a seasonal provider of language and sports-based programmes, which it runs at 4 prestigious boarding school locations in July and August every year.
Exsportise, founded in 1988, enjoys an excellent reputation in the language travel industry and has been a user of the Language School 360 solution since September 2020.

British Summer School

British Summer School runs a portfolio of 5 innovative, market-leading and inspiring language-based products at a number of boarding school and university locations primarily in the South East.
British Summer School adopted the Language School 360 solution in January 2021.



Steve Wood

Company Director, Secretary & Consultant

Steve Wood, with a degree in French, Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language and PGCE from Homerton College University of Cambridge, is a well-qualified teacher of modern languages.

He has spent most of his professional career in ELT Management and was Principal of the reputable Bede’s Summer School for 15 years (till February 2020).

With first-hand commercial and operational knowledge of language and summer schools, Steve has designed the Language School 360 software personally. He is always thinking of ways to amend, expand and diversify the system to facilitate and improve the user experience.

Steve lives in Eastbourne with his wife and during his free time he serves his local community as a volunteer. He loves foreign languages and travel, IT and gadgets, good wine and going to the gym.


Shival Malhotra

Company Director & Senior Developer

Shival Malhotra has a Master’s Degree in Computer Application (MCA) from the University of Delhi and is a specialist Windows programmer.

Shival has been designing online Management Information Systems, e-commerce platforms and websites in a range of industries including the language travel industry for the last 15 years.

He very much enjoys working in the educational sector especially language and summer schools because a good, all-encompassing IT system can significantly improve the school’s day-to-day operations. 

Shival lives in the city of Gurgaon just 19 miles to the southwest of New Delhi with his wife and 2 children and in his free time – not that he gets much! – he enjoys swimming and horse riding.


Yolanda Chimeno

With a university degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, the theoretical modules of a PhD in Didactics of Language and Multiculturism completed and the DELTM Diploma in ELT Management, Yolanda is our highest qualified consultant.

Yolanda, who is from Spain, has spent her whole professional career working in the Education sector including teaching, teacher training and educational management. She spent the first part of her career working as Director of Studies and Teacher Trainer at International House in San Sebastian Spain, then, when she moved to the UK, she spent 10 years at Bede’s School in various roles including Assistant Director of the Summer School. Currently, Yolanda is Principal of British Summer School, focussing on programme design and delivery, admissions, welfare and quality control.

As an active industry user of the Language School 360 software, Yolanda knows first-hand how this solution helps schools achieve error-free, efficient enrolment processes facilitating outstanding customer service to parents and agents. 

During her free time, Yolanda likes going to the gym, catching up with her (Spanish) friends, following the latest trends in fashion and clothes shopping!

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